About Us

ChapterManager is created by like-minded people, excited by the capabilities of the Internet, constantly investigating new techniques, and proud to respond to the requirements of clients charged with creating productive environments for professional development.

Since we launched the first web-based ChapterManager site in 2004, we've continued to build based on the needs of our customers, to create new functionality that responds to those needs and to employ new applications and functionality that makes the task of managing groups – large and small – easier and more efficient.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Chapters and affiliates of national organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada have discovered how ChapterManager makes association management easier, creates a legacy platform for future boards, and opens more time for planning.

Perhaps the most important element of the service we provide is just that – the service. Once your ChapterManager site is launched, you're part of the family. We're ready to offer customer support for all aspects of organization management - including advice when you need it. We've learned quite a bit from working with our customers and we're happy share information about what works, and what doesn't.

And since we love what we do, it's a part of the job we enjoy.