ChapterManager Support


“You’re da bomb!”

“Thanks for handling this so quickly.”

We hear these kinds of comments from our customers every day.

ChapterManager’s customer support is a matter of pride.  We believe that when you look good, we do, too.  So we stand behind our product 100%.

You need it?  We’ll get it done, usually within an hour.  Just call or e-mail us.

Training Opportunities

Delivery of your ChapterManager site includes a free teleconference training session for you and your board members.  We’ll walk you through every module, explain how it works, and give you an opportunity to use the site and experience all of ChapterManager’s benefits just before we launch the system (on-site training at your location is also available for an additional fee).

And we’re here when you need us once your site goes live. 
No extra charges, no limits on the number of users.

Also, every two years, we hold a ChapterManager Training Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to assist new and experienced users.  It’s a comprehensive seminar where you can learn to master all of ChapterManager’s functionality and become an expert.  It’s also a great opportunity to network with colleagues using the system, and to speak directly with the developers.